Exhibiting with the National Trust!

n.t kara seaman

I am very pleased to be exhibiting with the National Trust this Christmas with some fabulous artists! The grounds of Dinefwr are amazing, spectacular vistas around every corner and deers and cattle a plenty! The grounds are just behind the beautiful multi-coloured town of Llandeilo, which has great antique shops, galleries and independent shops and eateries!

My deer print, The fox nest and a badger in the garden shall all be there to welcome you!

PPSSTT! this exhibition is open for Dinefwr’s Christmas Fair from 22-44th October and shall be open to the public thereafter, although there is , as stated an official opening on the 30th!

A Working ‘Holiday’




Last week we had a busy week, I was in Scotland and made my way around as many animal parks as I could find! At Least it felt like that anyway!

We went to the Scottish Deer center in my old stomping grounds of Fife, (see the photos above) We went to Camperdown park in Dundee (eventually!! how long have I been going to Dundee now?)-Five years and I’ve never been there, they have BEARS for goodness sake!

We also went to the Botanic Gardens in St Andrew’s -last summer I toured botanical gardens, I’m not sure why, I have loads of photos, not 100% sure what to do with them, I have a sketchbook half in progress-with flower pics and drawings over the top of them !! I shall upload some of those sketches at some point.)

I loved seeing the deers they were so friendly and sweet. I think they were mainly friendly because we had food for them in our pockets!



Then to St Andrews, we spend a lot of time in St Andrews, it’s very nice. I’d never been to the botanics before though, they also had a butterfly house there, which was completely scary! They flutter everywhere! UGH!





Finally we went to Camperdown, they had otters, owls, bears, gibbons, peacocks, macaques, lemurs,  more wolves, more Scottish wildcats, so many animals! I was spoiled for choice, I think I need to go back there soon.

DSC_2760DSC_2735 DSC_2716 DSC_2766 DSC_2717 DSC_2746 DSC_2753