All or Nothing

Sometimes everything happens at once, actually, this happens very often as an artist.. there is 0 work for months, then it’s all at the same time, not only it is Dinewfr, and some work in Margo’s Vintage, but it’s also the Swansea Print Workshop Christmas Exhibition, this is opening on Saturday with tea, coffee and cakes all day from 10.30-4.30 pm! …and then is open then until the 27th of November.

kara's heron framed

Included are some of our postcards and larger bird screenprints that were printed in the summer with workshops by Kelly Stewart. That big grey Heron is mine..I know it’s a screenprint not a collagraph..shock horror!

There are many, MANY prints, cards, christmas cards and other gifts.

spw poster kellys work.jpg

A huge selection of cards for sale, all the xmas goths and animals are mine..not all the birdy ones though!

inside spw 1.jpg

Postcards created in the summer during Kelly Stewart’s workshops.postcards.jpg

Exhibiting with the National Trust!

n.t kara seaman

I am very pleased to be exhibiting with the National Trust this Christmas with some fabulous artists! The grounds of Dinefwr are amazing, spectacular vistas around every corner and deers and cattle a plenty! The grounds are just behind the beautiful multi-coloured town of Llandeilo, which has great antique shops, galleries and independent shops and eateries!

My deer print, The fox nest and a badger in the garden shall all be there to welcome you!

PPSSTT! this exhibition is open for Dinefwr’s Christmas Fair from 22-44th October and shall be open to the public thereafter, although there is , as stated an official opening on the 30th!

Inktober Week 4 and 5..well 3 days of Week 5!

Well I know it’s late but the last couple of weeks have been very busy as you shall see!

IMG_0964 IMG_0974 IMG_0978 (1)

A lot of these small drawings are actually on mount board and card and they are for two pieces of work-collagraph Prints I am putting together for an exhibition in the middle of October in Brecon. I shall post more about that event soon!


Incidentally the featured image above this post, of a wee inky badger was made in the summer and was a design for my bigger badger print, but I looked at it again because I decided to do badgers for one of my works for the show. One piece  is based on blue pool-a giant rock pool on Gower that as legend would have it it bottomless. it’s full of tourists in the summer but I wondered who would go there in the winter? I reckon Seals would go for a spalsh!  The other piece is about Rosehill Quarry here in Swansea, which is quite near a number of properties I’ve lived in. We were asked to concentrate on either Swansea or the Beacons, I decided to stay with Swansea.

Note: See that wee crab, it’s difficult to tell, as it’s so tiny and I don’t have a Macro lens but it’s cut out of card, I cut all of the legs out of the side of the crab without cutting a bit off-GO ME! and I stuck them together so it’s raised enough to print, it really was a stupidly tiny thing to tackle  and took me an hour to cut and now  I need new glasses!

King Street Gallery

Chate Room August 2018 front pv (1)


I am very pleased to have been invited to exhibit in King Street Gallery in Carmarthen alongside Mick Morgan, Rosemarie Barr, and Graham Newing’s ceramic works.

I will be showing many animal prints, including the new works and will have the weed/streetflower monoprints, for the browsers too!





Edinburgh Caracal!

I have just delivered several unframed prints-animals and flower monoprints, for the browsers of  Gallery Ten in Edinburgh, including this new one of a Caracal and a few other newbies, more news about them and another exhibition I have been working on coming very soon.

We still currently have the exhibition Print Explosion running at Volcano Theater until next Saturday in Swansea.



kara seaman framed work


It’s that time of year..hmm did I say that in the last post?! Well it is. Shows ahoy! To be fair there is not normally this many shows about! But this can only be a good thing!

This means lots of sellotape and bubblewrap, packing, checking, packing, re-packing, packaging and normally hanging too..luckily at the moment I haven’t had to do any of the hanging!

The first exhibition is a Swansea Print Workshop full member’s exhibition, opening tomorrow evening in Y Galeri . This show runs until the 22nd of November.

The next Exhibition opens in the Taliesin Arts Centre in the Ceri Richards Gallery on the 7th of November and runs until the 23rd of December! Perfect for Christmas shopping and it’s always a really interesting changing exhibition of Welsh art!

I am off to Scotland at the end of the week and hope to see many an interesting exhibition, there are two Alasdair Gray Exhibitions in Glasgow and a John Byrne show in Edinburgh, so I shall be spoilt! and we may even get a wee trip tae Aberdeen in too! We also have tickets to see/hear the wonderful Rachel Sermanni in Dundee so I can’t wait!

In the meantime I have just found some creativity and began working on some new Collagraph plates, i’m still at the drawing stage and was hoping to get them done for the Ceri Richards Show, but this won’t happen now, so I shall release them next year instead… but here is a sneak peek!




Public Gesture

There is a new exhibition opening on Friday in Swansea, which features the work of many a printmaker from all over the world! I have some monotype work represented in ‘Public Gesture’, monotypes are slightly unusual for me, but you never know, maybe one day I shall make some more! These have just got back from a show in America, much of this work was created with the support and through Wingtip Press in Idaho.


Also my group Commensalis is fundraising here for some financial assistance towards the logistics for their next exhibition. I myself shall not be taking apart in this show, the timing is exceedingly bad for me, I am simply too busy! But they are showing in Bath as part of Fringe Arts Bath, next week! I have given them some etchings to assist them on their way, and there are many other goodies for your funds!

I have just had several works back from various exhibitions so I shall indeed be updating my Etsy shop soon with a few of these and a few brand new illustrations and prints too!

I have received some great feedback from the exhibition in the Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen, but as yet still haven’t managed to see it! soon I shall get there! soon! There is a lovely review on their facebook page already!