Exhibiting with the National Trust!

n.t kara seaman

I am very pleased to be exhibiting with the National Trust this Christmas with some fabulous artists! The grounds of Dinefwr are amazing, spectacular vistas around every corner and deers and cattle a plenty! The grounds are just behind the beautiful multi-coloured town of Llandeilo, which has great antique shops, galleries and independent shops and eateries!

My deer print, The fox nest and a badger in the garden shall all be there to welcome you!

PPSSTT! this exhibition is open for Dinefwr’s Christmas Fair from 22-44th October and shall be open to the public thereafter, although there is , as stated an official opening on the 30th!

Badger In the Garden-and an Exhibition.

Badger In The Garden Collagraph Print By Kara Seaman

Badger In the Garden, Collagraph Print, 2018.

We have had badgers coming for about 2 years now, they join the foxes to get peanuts and dog biscuits.

They are quite scared, but they are a bit blind and so will shuffle right past you without noticing you are there!  They are quite ghost-like, and will suddenly appear beside you when you least expect it! They do like to dig up the garden for earthworms but I can forgive them a few holes! Unfortunately they also like eating the local hedgehogs, which is not so nice, and not so easy to forgive but this isn’t Disneyland.

We have whole families, a few nights ago there were three wee ones playing in the front garden.  They come very late past 1am so you’ve got to be a bit of a night owl to see them! Being a sufferer of Pernicious Anemia this is difficult to do as it makes me so tired! but since it’s been so hot, i’ve had to have the windows open and they often wake us up. They are a joy to watch, please don’t let the government kill them all, you can sign the petition here…and find out more here. 

This print shall be in the exhibition In the Chate room in King Street Gallery, in Carmarthen, opening tomorrow from 5.30-7.30pm and running until the 15th of August.

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