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Margo’s Vintage and Retro, Neath


margos front


I am very happy to have some of my work for sale in the wonderful Margo’s Vintage and Retro shop in the centre of Neath, being just beside the train station it always catches your eye if you are nearby!

Margo’s is packed full of amazing upcycled furniture, beautiful handmade crafts, art and other amazing bits such as Staffordshire doggies, mini plastic queens, pressed glass plates, oh so many wonderful things, do go and have a nosey!


margos insides

Exhibiting with the National Trust!

n.t kara seaman

I am very pleased to be exhibiting with the National Trust this Christmas with some fabulous artists! The grounds of Dinefwr are amazing, spectacular vistas around every corner and deers and cattle a plenty! The grounds are just behind the beautiful multi-coloured town of Llandeilo, which has great antique shops, galleries and independent shops and eateries!

My deer print, The fox nest and a badger in the garden shall all be there to welcome you!

PPSSTT! this exhibition is open for Dinefwr’s Christmas Fair from 22-44th October and shall be open to the public thereafter, although there is , as stated an official opening on the 30th!

Swansea Open

The Swansea Open returned last year, it’s always held at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea, it’s Swansea’s main gallery and has had a tradition of holding an Open Competition for many years, the gallery re-opened last year after being closed for several years for refurbishment. This year I submitted two works-the maximum allowed and they both got it! I was amazed actually, as I almost didn’t submit one of them!

My ‘Badger in the Garden’ and ‘Numbat Antics’ prints shall be on show, most works are for sale, the show opens on Saturday-Sir Peter Blake is opening the show…and his own of collages and illustrations is opening at the same time, so that’s really exciting!

It runs from the 8th to the 2nd of February  from this year… into next year!

Inktober Week 4 and 5..well 3 days of Week 5!

Well I know it’s late but the last couple of weeks have been very busy as you shall see!

IMG_0964 IMG_0974 IMG_0978 (1)

A lot of these small drawings are actually on mount board and card and they are for two pieces of work-collagraph Prints I am putting together for an exhibition in the middle of October in Brecon. I shall post more about that event soon!


Incidentally the featured image above this post, of a wee inky badger was made in the summer and was a design for my bigger badger print, but I looked at it again because I decided to do badgers for one of my works for the show. One piece  is based on blue pool-a giant rock pool on Gower that as legend would have it it bottomless. it’s full of tourists in the summer but I wondered who would go there in the winter? I reckon Seals would go for a spalsh!  The other piece is about Rosehill Quarry here in Swansea, which is quite near a number of properties I’ve lived in. We were asked to concentrate on either Swansea or the Beacons, I decided to stay with Swansea.

Note: See that wee crab, it’s difficult to tell, as it’s so tiny and I don’t have a Macro lens but it’s cut out of card, I cut all of the legs out of the side of the crab without cutting a bit off-GO ME! and I stuck them together so it’s raised enough to print, it really was a stupidly tiny thing to tackle  and took me an hour to cut and now  I need new glasses!

Edinburgh Caracal!

I have just delivered several unframed prints-animals and flower monoprints, for the browsers of  Gallery Ten in Edinburgh, including this new one of a Caracal and a few other newbies, more news about them and another exhibition I have been working on coming very soon.

We still currently have the exhibition Print Explosion running at Volcano Theater until next Saturday in Swansea.


Adventures in Clay-Some Things Never Change!

I’m almost sad to post this, as I don’t know when the next time will be that I can  post about anything that I have made out of CLAY!! but today I picked up my wee pot- I keep referring to it as a pot, but it’s not really, it’s an ornamental ..ornament really, if I was able to make more, i’d make a few pots, but i’d mainly make ornamental things I reckon! (One Day!)

But I shall start from the beginning..the very beginning because amazingly I still have the very first thing I made from clay-proper clay that had to be fired! I made this in school, it say’s ‘2BL5’ on the bottom so that mean’t I was in second year, so I was about 14 I think? So I was correct yesterday then, about 1994! it’s over 20 years old and it’s still in one piece, I still use it for keeping earrings in! This was the one and only time I was ever able to make anything from fired clay in school-how sad!! but I suppose at least we had a kiln!

This is what a made -a pot!



I remember what it was based on-it was based on the Children’s book The Kelpie’s Pearls. This is a book I have even read as an adult, although I don’t know where my copy has gone these days. I first read it when I was about 9 or 10  ..in the last year or so of primary school, I think it was one I picked myself rather than one we all read as a class, from the series of books you see in 80’s Scottish primary schools we all read a LOT of kelpie books-the series was also called kelpie. A kelpie is a mythological Scottish creature that normally takes the form of a horse or bull but is a changeling so sometimes it’s a person-a man- who lures maidens into lochs!

There are many great Scottish legends and recently by chance I have been reading about both scottish and welsh myths. I have even dong a tiny bit of work a month or so ago based around some of the welsh themes but I haven’t got around to sort it it out/figuring out of its finished or not so I shall await to see what I decide!


but anyway yes this piece was based around the story in that book-from what I can vaguely remember the kelpie had a pool which had pearls in it-and I forget exactly but I guess something was trying to steal the pearls-i’ll have to re-read it!

It was an absolute thrill to make something new and exciting from clay again some things never change though, as you’ll see there are animals in this work too-hardly surprising that though is it?! I was discussing this on my facebook page the other day when I found some of my childhood drawings they are almost exactly the same as my Dylan Thomas Etchings!-but that’s by the by!

If you read my blog yesterday, I gave a link to Margaret Brompton who gave the session in Oriel Myrddin.

These designs are based around her recent works which in turn are based around Wassailing bowls-which was what my post was about yesterday, something I found really interesting! I love researching my work, never mind anyone else’s! I should probably be a researcher of some kind instead of an artist!! Silly me!

We used lovely soft clay, it was easy to manipulate and work, but it still took me a great deal of time to get my pot/sculpture and figures just right, everyone else worked much faster than me! I like to take my time, clay was a very unusual substance for me to work in, so it took a while to get use to it! in fact simply working three dimensionally is fairly unusual for me, having said that, I have been doling some papier mache works over the last couple of years, one day I shall write a post about them!

DSC_2083.JPG DSC_2086


I particularly liked my little birds, (they are sort of based on wood pigeons) . I also did a weasel, a hedgehog, a fox, a hare, and what’s mean’t to be a water vole, but actually I didn’t have time to look it up and I hadn’t brought any pictures of any, so I got the tail wrong, it’s got a guinea pig’s tail instead! So I guess it could be a guinea pig, but it doesn’t really fit in with the British animal theme! I tried to make some animals that I have never depicted before and I hope to maybe do some prints with water voles and weasels and wood pigeons in them soon!


It was a mixed class and there were several adults and children which was really great the kids work was amazing! How lucky they are to get the opportunity at such a young age to work with clay!!

Today I went back to the gallery to pick up my fired piece, unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to do this, its perhaps a big difficult in a gallery!! So Margaret kindly did it for us, choosing some lovely pale glazes and colours, mine seems to be pale pink with hints of orange on some of the animals, I LOVE IT!! (Even if I do say so myself) and I’m hooked! I just have to find a way of making more!

Yesterday the gallery posted photos of everyone’s work on their facebook page!


DSC_2316.JPG DSC_2334


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I think it’s safe to say I am completely thrilled with my new work!!

A Mutual Understanding


‘A Mutual Understanding’ (Cattle Tyrants and a Capybara). A Collagraph Print.

My first new piece of work this year!! Amazing, there was a time this year when I thought I might never be able to do anything again, just the thought of trying to cut work out of mount board filled me with exhaustion! But I did it! Apologies for the image quality, it’s not great, but I didn’t have my SLR with me and this had to go straight to the framers!

There are a few Christmas exhibitions coming up and this shall do nicely! I also really must update my Etsy shop..when I get back after a break next week!

Its been a very busy week filled with change, art, galleries, illness, negativeness and happiness ..also there has been coffee and ice-cream..you can’t forget that!!

Some useful non arty advice: YOU should never EVER put up with negative people in your life..EVER!..Especially when they are in Facebook ‘support’ groups! I can only guess that folk are so jealous of your ability to be well and their ability to be in bed ill, that they have to force you out of groups or indeed chuck you out for daring to say ‘no I don’t want or NEED to inject myself with B12 Thank you!’.

Anyway this week is extra busy! I just went to to Abergavenny to collect my work from a successful show with Five Ways Art and am prepping for the next ones and I took the above print to the framers, my job is a-changing this week and I am off to Scotland for next week-huzzah! Brum Brum here I come Dundee..if my car works..another spanner Haha!

Some pics of cool stuff in Abergavenny…