Andrew Baldwin

Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance

Badger monotype By kara Seaman

Recently I sent some work to America as part of a project instigated by Rose Davies, It was sent to the lovely Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, whom have in turn taken it along with them to the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference is on now and is showcasing the joint portfolio of three colour separation monotype prints- including one of my badgers! The portfolio does not only contain prints just from Swansea! Oh no! There are also those created by members of Wingtip Press as part of a residency Rose did there earlier this year. How Fab! You can see a wee pic on my facebook site! There were a few wonderful Swansea artists taking part, hopefully more collaborations in the future!


Also, today I was lucky to have attended a wonderful workshop with the renowned  printmaker Andrew Baldwin. It was a great day and I have much experimental etching to do! I am working on several ideas at the moment for some possibly huge etchings-well A3 size that’s huge for me considering I am NOT an etcher!! I have much to do and they have to be finished rather soon for editioning, so I’d better get on with it next week! I  shall post some results soon! Exciting times!

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