Colouring Covid.

I hope to add pages to this part of my blog during these times of Covid-19 so that people may copy or download the images, print them off and then colour them in with pens or pencils.

I hope to do happy joyful pictures, pictures about life, spring and sunshine, love and hope.

I do not have a scanner or a printer right now, so I shall probably have to photograph my designs for the time being, I hope this will not detract from the quality too much though.

Also I am busy, I have several people who need my care and support including taking deliveries to them, so my time is not unlimited. and of course everyone is so stressed and everything is so heightened, emotions are running high it’s not exactly a picnic!

I also still have work to do as an artist and as a teacher, but I hope there shall be some cross over to all of this and some of the resources I create can be shared amongst different organisations and bodies.

I have several other ideas up my sleeve also of course I need to actually find a way of monetizing at least some of my artistical output at this time or if Covid doesn’t get me starvation will.

Thank you! I shall post as soon as I am able. Please spread the word!


Pictures shown are from previous projects, the one at the top, was from a mini project I did drawing from a t.v (a hobby). I was drawing Grayson Perry’s ‘All in the best possible taste‘ series on Channel 4. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on their player anymore, they were very good.

The one on this page is from the Swansea Print Workshop Dylan Thomas project in 2013.¬† I made a book based around Dylan Thomas’s poem¬† The Hunchback in the Park, written about a local Cwmdonkin Park in Swansea. Please note all parks in Swansea are currently closed.


My first proper sheet:

kara seaman colour fish

and subsequently more:

kara seaman Fox colouringinsheet Kara Seaman sloth colour-in sheet