Covid Colouring

Roll up-Roll up! For a  sneek peek into my colouring-in designs, it’s taking me longer than I thought to do these designs, as I keep wanting to colour things in..normally with the black pen, if you look at my sketchbook work-which is most like these designs, I colour in with black pen often!! It’s difficult to just to get the drawings correct so they are good enough for some someone else to play with!

These designs themselves are quite surreal, I have a wee hyena in the corner, a flat fish (as you do) a fantastical bird, an apple, a cuppa, a wee house! I love the surreal aspect to my work, I might make a few that are particularly surreal…I have a weird brain I think, who else would think of hyenas and cupcakes? (and I have no idea why I did!) I think colouring-in is a good mindful exercise, especially if you feel you can’t draw, I draw for mindfulness, I’ve been doing it for years before mindfulness existed!

I want to do a dog and a cat and an other pet page too, they are my next designs.

I also ordered a few supplies, for collage, so I hope to do some ‘how-to’ ideas too in time.

When I have finished these designs, they shall be sent to work-@Swansea Council, for them to put out on their social media, into a pack of crafts being taken around residents in Swansea and also on my blog and website for folk to copy, download and print off…i’m not exactly sure how yet.

kara seaman art heyena


In other news I thought I would also add a few cool things I’ve seen recently on telly or heard on the radio.

I’ve been enjoying The Great Pottery Throwdown..being a part time beginner potter, also I really enjoyed Age of the image on BBC 4. Also on the Radio..Radio 4 I really enjoyed Forum Internum.

In other news.. there are only a few days left to try and save Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage for the nation, please give if you can, I love Derek’s writings particularly! It’s such a shame the last days are coinciding with all of this chaos!

Exposing The Dragon

I’m assisting to print this fabulous Jamie Reid Screenprint! Over to Rosie Scribblah!


screen 4

After the block printing over the weekend, I moved on to the next phase of the multi-media print designed by the artist Jamie Reid. I worked with Kara Seaman at Swansea Print Workshop to coat two silkscreens with Azocol photosensitive solution and after they dried, exposed them each with a transparency in the UV Unit.

Once they had been exposed for 2 minutes, they were washed to develop the image and then into the drying cupboard. Next stage is to do some colour tests and a couple of trial proofs – tomorrow ….


I’m developing an edition of mixed media prints for GS Artists from an original by Jamie Reid. There is a great exhibition of his work running until March 1st and here’s some more info about the show and the prints, which will be in a limited edition of 75.

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All or Nothing

Sometimes everything happens at once, actually, this happens very often as an artist.. there is 0 work for months, then it’s all at the same time, not only it is Dinewfr, and some work in Margo’s Vintage, but it’s also the Swansea Print Workshop Christmas Exhibition, this is opening on Saturday with tea, coffee and cakes all day from 10.30-4.30 pm! …and then is open then until the 27th of November.

kara's heron framed

Included are some of our postcards and larger bird screenprints that were printed in the summer with workshops by Kelly Stewart. That big grey Heron is mine..I know it’s a screenprint not a collagraph..shock horror!

There are many, MANY prints, cards, christmas cards and other gifts.

spw poster kellys work.jpg

A huge selection of cards for sale, all the xmas goths and animals are mine..not all the birdy ones though!

inside spw 1.jpg

Postcards created in the summer during Kelly Stewart’s workshops.postcards.jpg


Exhibition: Gill Tyson Showcase

Location: Edinburgh
Printmakers, Edinburgh

Date: Until 13th October 2019

Details: Edinburgh
Printmakers presents aselection of prints by artist member Gill Tyson, in
our shop.

Gill Tyson trained at Edinburgh University
and Edinburgh College of Art, where she graduated with an MA in Fine Art. In
2012 she was one of the artists representing Britain
in The International Print Exhibition in Kyoto,
Japan. She is a former
Chairman of Edinburgh Printmakers and is currently an EP studio member. Her
work is included in several public collections.

Tyson specialises in lithography, a printmaking process that combines direct
and expressive mark making with deliberate and aforethought building of layers.
In cool, atmospheric colours the artist explores remote landscapes. Her
ever-present brushstrokes indicate a distilled image; an abstracted world that
only hints at a human presence.

Image credit: Gill Tyson

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Exhibition: Kit Boyd ‘Solo’

Location: White Box Art Gallery, Blackheath

Date: Until 25th August 2019

Details: Exploring our
relationship with nature, Kit’s art fuses the pastoral and surreal. He follows
in the British romantic tradition of the neo-romantics of the 1940s and Samuel
Palmer. While primarily known as a printmaker, he also makes collages and

In SOLO, Kit will be showing his etchings and paintings of lone
figures in the landscape, and new works inspired by Greenwich
and Blackheath will be revealed for the first time.

He works from his studio at Art Hub overlooking the Thames
Barrier, and is a member of Greenwich Printmakers.

Image credit: Kit Boyd

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Chine Collé


chine 4

I have just printed an edition of my little Mari Lwyd linocuts with chine collé to add flashes of colour. I use hand-made paper made from recycled silk saris, a lovely range of colours and lots of fibres.

From left to right: ripping up the paper for cine collé, putting it onto an inked block – it must be glue side UP; taking the print with a traditional Japanese baren.

I used Cranfield Caligo Safewash oil-based relief ink in black, Japanese Hosho paper and Pritt Stick glue. Don’t skimp on the glue – I always use either Pritt or UHU. The combination of Safewash ink and Hosho paper is excellent for taking relief prints by hand. This little edition is heading off across The Pond to Wingtip Press in Idaho USA for the Leftovers IX print exchange.

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