Long time no post!

Well it feels like that anyway, I hope everyone is well and still in lockdown, I feel lucky that in Wales we are still in lockdown-well pretty much, as someone with underlying health condtions-one of which isn’t being treated due the the pandemic (NOT GOOD NHS!!) -leaves me more at risk, so that’s kinda scary. Instead i’ve pretty much been in most of the time, with a few wee cycles to get some air. I am making online films, teaching art and craft classes. I have lots of students 40 odd and counting, which is quite amazing really!

But I thought I would share a few things i’ve been doing as a teacher, as I certainly havn’t had time to make any art for myself, what with making, filming and editing films all the time! (Something I don’t actually know how to do)

From the top I have been making collages, colouring in pages, paper mache, marbeling and creating textures and filming and editing the whole lot.

capys in cupFullSizeRender (12) final imagee IMG_0234IMG_0233IMG_0235 IMG_0229IMG_0227IMG_1934IMG_0205


This has all kept me very busy indeed absolutely no furlough for me I just haven’t been doing a huge amount for my own creativity. I have been reading loads of books so that’s good as I don’t generally have much time to read a great deal, but I fit it in now first thing seeing as I don’t have to rush off anywhere. Normally! I have also been waking up at 5am for months, so that helps, I am exhausted though. ..but well-read while being exhausted!



Courses and Classes.

Phew it’s been a strange summer, nothing much happened, but everything happened! Not a great deal of arty things, my arty shenanigans were thwarted, I went over on my ankle while on holiday and so that put to the rest of my holiday-I don’t have much luck with holidays something tends to go wrong and as a result I HATE going ‘on holiday’, which REALLY annoys my lovely partner!
Anyway this left me limping and.. well for several days not being able to walk or drive at all. So it hasn’t been a very arty productive time, nonetheless art happens around me, there are shows coming up and work to make, but firstly I have workshops and courses that I am running coming up, these are:
Firstly for Swansea Council’s Lifelong Learning, but at Gower collage Llwn-y-bryn Campus. I am running  ‘printmaking for beginners or intermediate’ course, the course is starting next week on the Thursday night 6-8pm. For the next ten weeks with a week in between for half term. You can find more information on the council website. Please note the course is subject to change which is out with my control.
Also in a couple of weeks I have a Cyanotype weekend or Blueprint course coming up at Swansea Print Workshop, you can find more details about that here.

In other news, at the beginning of the summer, I did sort of do a few small postcard sized screen prints, I might do a few bigger ones, but today I have been on a drawing course at Swansea Museum to create more drawings for screenprints and collagraphs the course was run by Kelly Stewart. Results coming soon!

screen postcards birds and leaves IMG_20190926_195836

Inktober Week Three

I seem to be a day behind almost every day, but I guess at least I’m getting a few things done!  There is lots of testing and experimentation going on with me at the moment, especially with all of these tiny prints from erasers!





kara trees mini


44365102_2462486577100064_1167699580834283520_n kara sheep IMG_0943

The above images one also brings to mind Blodeuwedd and Welsh mythology.



and my working mess/needs (Caffine) with my Pertinacious Anemia heading towards injection time..I NEED surgery/caffeine drinks to keep going through a week of work ..then a weekend of work too.




and I quite liked this wee composition of the print and the block or eraser from WH Smith (even though it was the first print and done very quickly so not the best)..but…you can even still see the writing of ‘WH Smith’, I didn’t bother to get it off! Also I think really.. it needs re-doing, re-cutting, i’m not 100% happy with it!

Most of these works are towards an exhibition soon in Brecon..if I can manage to register them~!

You can find further info about them on my facebook page.

Inktober Week 2

Inktober,  again all are being posted to my facebook page … I started off last week, by continuing with the mini print/stamp ideas, doing a wee guy which shall hopefully be featured in a piece of work I am doing for a forthcoming show, these were printed with gouache.

The next day I had NO TIME, so I just stamped some plan erasers which actually have some nice textures I plan to use these as backgrounds to also in the forthcoming new works! An exercise well done as far as i’m concerned! The rest of the mini stamps this week were printed with a variety of ink pads.

scan abstract day 9 inktober molls and plant stamp

It was then time for Molly (My kittie) to make an appearance! She is always trying to sit on my lap when i’m working! I decided to try out some pound shop rubbers and do a wee branch/foliage!

Scan moose

The next day I opted for a tiny rat sketch, this was partly by the cat bringing in a tiny mouse, (not molly cat a different cat) Although my wee drawing is of a rat, I kinda like rats, (although not if they are running around the kitchen it has to be said). I have been meaning to do some for quite some time, I must get around to it!

houses welsh blanket stamp

Then I was back to the stamping, I was sort of looking at welsh blankets, and this is shown in the pattern of the houses..if you look really closely and know what your looking for! When printed I decided they look like houses, all of my early work was about buildings and house not animals, so I was kinda going back to my roots!


Going back to wee portraits, I am looking at faces, faces of farmers and army personal in Brecon, I am doing a project for a show in the theater in Brecon next month and decided to do some stamps to build up a larger piece of work, as am using inktober to work on some ideas for this!

Lastly talking of army personal, and erm….mascot goats, I was trying out some new ideas of working with foam to create prints, this one hasn’t quite worked so well, but it’s a start and an idea to be developed!

army stamp

Inktober week one

I decided..for my sins this year to have a go at inktober!

I’ve ignored most of the rules, but am trying to post something every day that I have actually created fresh that day! I am posting them on my Facebook Page every day and then weekly on this blog!

watercolour 1 s.b waterolour2 s.b

These were from day 1, I did two watercolours..just to confuse things…they are based on the Brangwyn Panels by Sir Frank Brangwyn which hang in the Brangwyn hall in Swansea.

The next couple of watercolored days are also based on the panels. I was in a works meeting in July staring at them, quite nice things to stare at, there are lot’s of animals and plants to look at!


The next day’s doodle is about what the proper work should be about right now, landscapes for a forthcoming show, but I haven’t managed to do any yet!


and then I was having a look around our dying wintering garden and saw these..things! So that’s day 5!

Scan pink

Day 6 was a mega rush and I had no time, I am very busy at the weekend currently prepping courses for the week after..but..taa-daa..I cheated a wee bit..Ant Rave!

Scan ant

and finally for this week, I’ve been prepping some stamps for next week’s teaching! Hand cut by me from rubber ..well Rubbers, Erasers aye those wee things!

Day 7…bugs.jpg


There is a lot of pink!!

Proof It!

As I said in the last post, I have relocated to Dundee, I’m heading back down South soon, I have two shows coming in the next couple of weeks..more about them later and you can find out the latest there on my facebook page, but In the meantime, I have been very welcomed in Dundee Print Workshop, it’s been really nice to have time and space to work, easily..it was a bit easier than in Swansea Print Workshop, because I didn’t know anyone and so generally I didn’t chat too much, I spend hours chatting and not working in Spw! ..but don’t we all?!

DCA Print room Etching

In Dundee you book out whatever press you want to work with, so it means you have sole use of that press, this isn’t quite how we work in Swansea and in a way it was better, I didn’t have to step on anyone’s toes as I printed my works! But most of their presses are newer then ours and I did indeed feel a tinge of sadness and I missed  our lovely etching press, it’s so easy to set! Where as much testing had to be carried out in Dundee but after several days of printing in DCA I think I have figured out the etching press now..or Press E2 is it’s known..at least that’s the one I used mainly. They have a much bigger electric one, one day I shall have to get an introduction it and I can produce some much larger work with that, which would be really exciting!

DCA Print Studio DCA Etching Press 2

In Dundee contamporary arts they also have a lazer cutter and a 3D printer too, these are two things..especially the lazer cutter that I’d really like to try out! I’m back in in a couple of months so I might try and plan some lazer work that I could try out!..hmm I need to get to grips with illustrator though..I have 0 experience of this..oh goodie! 😀

In the DCA they have a lovely shop selling Donna Wilson and Moomin goodies as well as many other stuffs, they also have  an extensive places to show prints in browsers, how cool?! The DCA has a fab bar, it sells Pink lemonade (my fave) and it also have a cinema as well as a gallery showing many a fab foreign and indie films, the first exhibition I ever saw in there was Anish Kapoor’s mirror works, that was round about when it opened..at least ten years ago now..probably more!

gallery dca gallery dca 2

in the meantime I have been scribbling ideas and proof printing too!

kara sketch 1 fox 1

and out come the…

I have been busy recently working on various projects through Swansea Print Workshop, this is coming to an end now and I am trying to concentrate on developing some new collagraph work and drawings for exhibitions later in the year, there are a million and one other things also happening in my life right now and I have literally two days to get the work finished and printed..hmm this isn’t going to happen of course, I don’t really know what will happen come September…when it’s show time, but I guess I shall have to wait and see, I am heading north to Scotland on Thursday..goodbye Wales!
Here are a few works some of which shall make it to print, some which won’t!

heyena wolf fox scetch fox plate

My Love is like..A Hunchback in the Park

As I am Scottish today is of course Burns night, As I live in Wales its also St Dwynwen’s Day (Otherwise known as the Welsh Valentines Day.) But this evening I am bypassing Scotland for a Welsh poet and work in relation to him. I was nominated today on Facebook to produce five drawings over the next five days, an arty thing going around, I decided to do it via my blog instead and of course post to facebook. As I am generally unable to create work everyday I shall start off with showing a book I created last year during a bookmaking workshop by Carole King. It was for the Dylan Thomas project and I have not shared it before on the web although it has been shown in exhibitions. To remind you of the project you may see THIS past post. COVER This book was made from scratch, and covered with a coloured version of my etching for the Box Set. Inside I filled it with drawings relating to images that the poem put into my mind, here are some of the pages…Very SWANSEA!!! DOODLE ARK KEEPER tiger THE QUEENS

fox dt

Ecology Drawing…

Just before I went to Scotland, I did a fascinating workshop with Artist Pip Woolf, an Ecology Drawing Workshop!

We explored all sorts of plant and mineral materials to draw with, oak apples, flowers, grasses, stone, earth. We made pastels and paints! We went out walking and using small amounts of flowers and grasses found or picked along the way, we draw in our handmade sketchbooks. It was very lovely and her enthusiasm is fantastic! You can find out more about Pip’s work on her own Blog The Woollen Line.



kara seaman framed work


It’s that time of year..hmm did I say that in the last post?! Well it is. Shows ahoy! To be fair there is not normally this many shows about! But this can only be a good thing!

This means lots of sellotape and bubblewrap, packing, checking, packing, re-packing, packaging and normally hanging too..luckily at the moment I haven’t had to do any of the hanging!

The first exhibition is a Swansea Print Workshop full member’s exhibition, opening tomorrow evening in Y Galeri . This show runs until the 22nd of November.

The next Exhibition opens in the Taliesin Arts Centre in the Ceri Richards Gallery on the 7th of November and runs until the 23rd of December! Perfect for Christmas shopping and it’s always a really interesting changing exhibition of Welsh art!

I am off to Scotland at the end of the week and hope to see many an interesting exhibition, there are two Alasdair Gray Exhibitions in Glasgow and a John Byrne show in Edinburgh, so I shall be spoilt! and we may even get a wee trip tae Aberdeen in too! We also have tickets to see/hear the wonderful Rachel Sermanni in Dundee so I can’t wait!

In the meantime I have just found some creativity and began working on some new Collagraph plates, i’m still at the drawing stage and was hoping to get them done for the Ceri Richards Show, but this won’t happen now, so I shall release them next year instead… but here is a sneak peek!