Art Stars

These posts are going to be about people who inspire me, people I know, my friends, and their artworks and musical adventures and indeed creative writings. I want to try and support all of these fabulous creative people that I know, and shall try and post as much as I can about their works and links to their works and websites.

A huge majority of them are in need of support at this time, shares, likes, and pennies, most of these people are self employed or work often for a non-for profit organisation-as many art organisations are, indeed everyone will be going through difficult times, it’s so hard but I shall try my best to assist people as I can, I have no money, but I have a blog and a website and a social media presence!

Please share of you can!

Art Star no 1 Mr Powrie:
Today I choose my very amazing art teacher from high school the fabulous Mr Kenneth Powrie, thank goodness for Facebook or I might not have been able to contact him, we have been in contact for a number of years, Mr Powrie was always very supportive towards me in school, he was a very encouraging teacher, inspirational, he was funny, engaging and knowledgeable about art, music and the world around him, he still is, he’s still teaching me now i love to hear his stories of other teachers and pupil’s antics! He also taught my boyfriend and we often reminisce!
Mr Powrie was an art teacher at Queen Anne High School in Dunfermline, the school I was at for all of those high school years, I had Mr Powrie only once I think in 4th year, I remember doing my Standard Grade exams and design work in his room. But I would often be in his classroom, even if I was not in his class, he would allow us to stay in there hiding at lunch times, we were the outcasts in our school, we were all kooky-the best way to be, punks and indie kids-this was in the 90’s!
Mr Powrie was a punk in the 70’s he was always singing clash songs to me..I loved the clash-still do, I would make him -mix tapes (those were the days) of music I thought he would like and one Saturday we went to Edinburgh-we always went to Edinburgh on a Saturday, there was a stage on the mound outside the 2 main Art galleries in Edinburgh and being curious and music lovers we sat down to watch. To our amazement Mr Powrie came onto the stage and started to play with his band, we leapt up squealing and shouting ‘THATS OUR ART TEACHER!’ …‘HELLO MR POWRIE!!!!!!!!!!!’ *WAVING* Poor Ken must have been mortified! But we loved it and danced away pogoing and leaping about screaming! The BEST days!!
I wasn’t particularly great at art in school, I couldn’t draw with a flare the way some people could (my boyfriend) haha) but I loved it and basically I had to do it, there wasn’t really a choice in the matter..the same is true now. I wasn’t allowed to do SYS art, I wasn’t a good enough draughtswoman, I think I got a C for art, I can’t remember. But I managed with Mr Powrie’s help to make a photographic portfolio, we had a darkroom in school. I literally had the key, I used all the paper and all the chemicals in the place (Sorry). I was in there when I wasn’t in other classes and would be quite happy smelling of developer and stop, and listening to Blur or The Bluetones in the dark. In fact, to this day some of the photograms that I made at that time are up on display in St Margaret’s hospital in Dunfermline.
Mr Powrie guided me through those uncertain times, he helped me put my portfolio together and also made sure I was on a drawing class, to make up time..some kind of scotvec module I think..(anyone Scottish remember them?) he discussed my photographs with me and told me I had a talent behind the camera, and eye for a good photo, this gave me the confidence I needed. And I applied to Stow college in Glasgow to do music management and to Stevenson collage in Edinburgh to do a photography foundation. I decided that the music management course needed lots of maths, so I chose turned out that also had some maths.. lens reflex anyone?
I had a fantastic time a Stevenson collage, I met some amazing friends we really did have a fab group of 2 classes, everyone got along! I’m still pals with many of them. I’m glad of that.
Mr Kenneth Powrie, I thank-you, here is some of his beautiful tunes and the painting in the picture is also by him!
I know I am not the only one who really appreciated him!

Mr Powrie’s Tunes and Artwork


ArtStar No 2.
Today’s art star is Patricia Mckenna-Jones, or Patti, I have known Patti for ..well years, I’m not even sure how many, she is an artist and musician and I have worked alongside her for several years, every Friday during term time..(apart from now) we have been working together in a Drumming class for lifelong learning @Swansea council.
Drumming class is great! The students love to drum..and so do I. We do all sorts of music, from African, to Cuban, to Ian Dury and the Blockheads, and sea shanties! And everything in between. Sometimes we even get the students to make their own instruments from recycled materials.

Patti is an artist and activist well as a musician, and is known for her documentary drawings of demonstrations, she does some fab monoprints from time to time and lots of colour to her drawings showing the full spectrum of life! She also runs a monthly life drawing class at Swansea Print Workshop. Although they are suspended for the time being due to COVID 19.

Her website is here:

Recently Patti has come up with a fab idea for getting the woman’s creative space off the ground, a space to create art, make music and friendships in Swansea. It’s called Sheelair and it’s on the crowdfunding website Spacehive. Please do take a look and donate if you can! I think after all this madness is over, it could really help women in the Swansea area to access creative activities, something which is great for mental health and connecting! I shall put the link to her crowdfunding page in the comments below. Please share to help her cause if you can.


Art Star No 3:

Ross Forbes, my own boyo, we have known each other since school and Ross is a painter and a welder.

He works in abstract with oils.


Artstar No 4:

Sarah Hopkins, Screenprinter extraodinare! Sarah works with paper stencil screenprinting, layering coours and images to mae beauitiful works.