I am Kara Seaman, a freelance printmaker and artist from Scotland, but I am based in Wales the noo!


You can see and buy some more of my work on my new Website.


  1. Hi Kara, I have been writing a blog using WordPress since August and I think it is an excellent blog host. Call me or email if you have any questions as there is quite a lot you can set up and the ‘help’ pages are not always as easy to follow as they could be. I will enjoy visiting here regularly to see what you are up to.
    Zoe x

    1. Hi Zoe, yes i’ve been seeing your blog posts from here! Quite a few of my friends use it too! I really want a simple way of showing other blogs and photos and things i’m working on, as well as writing a blog and so far this does seem to be easier to use and a popular site too. which can only be a good thing! Thanks very much for the offer of help! You may well get an email! Also I may pop round to lunch at yours sometime too! heehee.

  2. Lovely to find you 9well you found me!) on WordPress. As you know I have a print of the Malayan Tapir in my collection and I am delighted with it. I am looking forward to following your work and your blog :0)

    1. Yes! I found your blog through your facebook page! and yes Thankyou James! I hope you are still enjoying your Tapir Print! I am loving the photos on your blog, I am also a bird lover! I keep meaning to do some more birdy prints!…SOON!! 😉

  3. Hello Kara ,my name is Lucie,
    I’m an art student at the uwc atlantic college.
    With my teacher we went to see an exhibition in Penarph , were you’re work was exposed, I really liked your print.
    I specially liked the one named “Fox Nest”, I’m now doing a comparative study on your work on the print “Fox Nest’ and the work of the puppets makers Ian MacKinnon and Peter Saunder on the movie Fantastic Mr fox , which your print reminded me.
    This is why I decided to do this comparative study.
    Can you please , If you’re fine with it , give me some information on how did you work on the piece “fox nest” ? And some information on you’re career, if possible.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    I really like your work.

    1. Hi There!

      Thanks very much for coming to see the exhibition. I have done a lot of foxes over the years band fox nest came about as another in the fox series. I don’t know if you do any collagraph printing over at Atlantic? But it involves making a plate or plates normally the shapes are drawn out first by hand then some kind of Collaged materials are added, for the nest I used sequins and glue gun glue stuck onto a background of mount board and the fox is made mainly from mount board itself with some cutting into the board to get a textured surface. The fox nest print is slightly unique for me as it is a print over a print! -this is not how I normally work! The nest was was printed first and then the fox, a separate plate was printed over the top. This is quite time consuming as I have to leave the first print to dry for a couple of days in between or ink transfers onto the fox which is very annoying! The print actually came about as I was invited to exhibit through Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen but they wanted the work to show at Anna Ryder Richardson’s Welsh zoo near Tenby, so I dis many zoo animals that they have there for that show, Tigers, leemers, but also a few of my normal animals..the fox included, it has been shown at the zoo, at Oriel Myrddin itself, at Dundee Contemporaty arts centre and also in Ceri Richards Gallery in Swansea. It was only done last summer so I’m sure it will go on to a few more shows yet, the beauty of printmaking is that you can of course have many of he same image in many different shows!

      If you would like any more information do email me. kara_seaman@yahoo.co.uk

      Thanks very much for your interest Lucy, do you have a show at the end of your year? If so you must let me know about it!

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