Leftovers 8

Leftovers is an idea by Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, America.

it’s basically about what to do with all of those wee off cuts of paper as printmakers we all seem to collect these inadvertently, well in Boise, they decided to make a worldwide touring exhibition out of it and ask printmakers from all over the world to participate, Swansea Print workshop has had an association with Amy Nack from Wingtip Press for several years now, in fact when she was over in Wales several years ago and I had the chance to meet her and chat printmaking over coffee in the SPW kitchen!

but I have never actually exhibited as part of any of the shows, mainly because my work is too big and although I have plenty of wee bits of paper around the place, I just haven’t had anything small enough, until now.

I’ve been running a printing without a press course since the end of the summer and so have been experimenting myself making examples to show my students. some of my examples have been printed by using erasers which have been cut and then printed as a mini relief print-much like a lino or a woodcut and I have made several designs with some lovely rubbers i’ve found in W.H Smith. (No they are not sponsoring me, Unfortunately, but they do have nice rubbers), The print I have submitted for the  Leftovers was shown as part of my inktober work a couple of weeks ago, I’ve just re -thought about it and printed it differently for the exhibition, I shall put one in my etsy shop at the weekend also and there shall be several available to buy in Swansea Print Workshop for £25.00 only. Here it is: Blodeuwedd .


As a member of SPW I was invited alongside others to exhibit as this show only, I haven’t submitted to a touring show of Leftovers 8, just to the SPW leg of the show, but maybe next year I will, especially as now I have some practice with making mini prints!

 Saturday 4-6.30pm is the opening event.

The exhibition runs through the rest of November and all of December and is open on all ‘Open Access Days’. Tuesday, and Thursday, 10.3-5pm normally, closed over Xmas. See the SPW website for details.



I particularly likes these prints, the one on the right is from America I think and the two on the left are by my boss the fabulous Jackie Ford.


In the print workshop there shall also be cards for sale by me and many others, many other prints and some of my wee paper mache foxy sculptures too.



    1. Hi, no as part of the show in Swansea, in Wales, the members of Swansea Print Workshop were asked to submit something just to go in with the leftovers show so I had a piece in that so it wasn’t exactly part of the leftovers touring show, it was just shown in Swansea so no, no one has any of my works! but yes i think i wold like to take part next time! i shall look out for it! normally my work is very large so I’ve never taken part, but recently I’ve been doing a few small works! so they seemed to fit! Several of our members in the workshop have got work in the touring leftovers show, Lynn Bebb, possibly Rosie Scribbler (Rose Davies) Those are two off the top of my head! It’s a lovely show, I shall look out for your work next time i’m in!

      1. Hi Kara,
        I’m friends with Rosie via blogging and through the Idaho connections. I spent multiple days with her during her time in Boise.
        I’m glad you were part of the show, even if you didn’t submit to the Leftovers project. My print is of a dog looking up from an empty blue bowl.
        Good chatting with you!

    1. Maybe Amy! It’s just time for me! i have plenty of paper lying around the place, but not enough free time in my life! I’ll look into it though! I saw a call out for it on fa.b the other day! So it’s getting out there! 😀 Well Done! XX

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